1. Observe punctuality and silence when required.
  2. No home clothes at school unless advised otherwise.
  3. Be in authorized school attire at all time.
  4. Queue during meal time.
  5. Obey teachers, prefects and school works.
  6. Student should back to school on the exact day either after half term or after holiday.
  7. Do not be in dormitory during learning time unless permitted.
  8. Mode of movement should by running while in school.
  9. Attend all lessons sit for all exams and cats.
  10. Do all assignment and home works as directed.
  11. Do not steal other student property.
  12. No mobile phones while in school (any phone caught will not be refundable).
  13. Any damage by student must be paid.
  14. Do not sneak out of school compound without valid leave out.
  15. Use of drugs or any kind of Cigarette, Miraa, Bhang, Cocaine and Alcohol while in school is prohibited.
  16. Attendance of Islamic prayer is mandatory for all students.
  17. When taking transfer, a student is supposed to be in full school uniforms.
  18. All chronic disease such as ulcers will not be treated in school.
  19. Some items such as chairs, jembes and slashers e.t.c belong to school.
  20. School fees once paid will not be refundable.
  21. While visiting the school, student is required to dress modestly.
  22. The official language is English and Arabic.
  23. Students transfer clearance shall be issued upon payments of fee balances.